The right care for the SUP and the E-Fin

Board Care:


During the season

To keep the board in good condition for longer, it is recommended to wash it with the garden hose after each use. It should always be ensured that the valve (for iSUPs) is closed.

If the dirt does not come off directly, a mild cleaning agent or water with soap can be used. Especially at the fin box and at the connection of the leash, mud tends to settle. These areas should also be checked and cleaned if necessary.



After the season

  1. First clean the board with fresh water and a (mild) cleaning agent. A brush with soft bristles is also very suitable for this purpose. 
  2. The board can then be sealed with a suitable care product. Care products and cleaning agents should not be used in direct sunlight.
  3. Let it dry well!
  4. Before it comes into storage, one should check wether all places are dry, to avoid mildew stains and mold.
  5. Store the board slightly inflated in a dry, cool, but frost free room. Either with a ceilingmount, wallmount or loosely rolled up in a SUP board bag.

    Care of the E-Fin:


    During the season

    Before each charging process, make sure that the charging port is free of debris, cleaned and dry. Otherwise, the magnetic connector may not connect well with the E-Fin and there will be a short circuit, which may destroy the electronics in the charging port.



    After using the E-Fin in salty water, it is very important to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water immediately afterwards. In the long run, the salt water can attack the golden coating of the charging pins, which will make charging more difficult. Sand and fine stone particles can get stuck in the gearbox, which can block the motor in the worst case. For this reason, the E-Fin should always be used with great care on sandy beaches.



    If seaweed or similar has become caught in the propeller, it is essential to remove these foreign bodies before the next trip:

    Make sure that the fin is turned off. This means the fin must NOT be in the water and NOT loaded.

    Carefully remove the propeller guard.

    Open the propeller screw with an Allen key.

    Remove the propeller and the foreign bodies.

    Put everything back together.



    A detailed video tutorial on this topic is available in our video tutorials entitled "Lesson 5_ Maintenance & Carrying".



    After the season

    Before storage, the E-Fin should be charged to 50% to avoid deep discharge of the batteries. Ideally, the fin should be stored in a dry and cool (not below 4 degrees Celsius) place afterwards.



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